Roy Xie

I am a Ph.D. student at Duke University, advised by Bhuwan Dhingra. My research focuses on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I am currently working on adversarial attacks on LLMs.

Before joining Duke, I completed my undergraduate studies at George Mason University, where I worked with Antonios Anastasopoulos on multilingual NLP.

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My research interests span across various aspects of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, with a focus on building interpretable, safe, and efficient language technologies for social good.

GMNLP at SemEval-2023 Task 12: Sentiment Analysis with Phylogeny-Based Adapters
Md Mahfuz Ibn Alam∗, Roy Xie∗, Fahim Faisal∗, Antonios Anastasopoulos.
SemEval@ACL, 2023

A sentiment analysis system for low-resource African languages, leveraging multilingual language models, data augmentation method, and phylogeny-based adapter-tuning.

Noisy Parallel Data Alignment
Roy Xie and Antonios Anastasopoulos
EACL Findings, 2023

Make word-level alignment models more robust under OCR noisy setting by using noise simulation and structural bias.


  • I was born in Fuzhou, China. My Chinese name is Ruoyu Xie (谢若宇). Ruoyu (若宇), pronounced similarly to "Roy," means "like the sky," and Xie (谢) means "thank you" in Chinese.
  • I enjoy fishing and playing acoustic guitar.

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